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We offer technical engineering services for flow modeling, structural analysis and heat transfer problems (CAD, CAE). In addition typical structural analysis with Finite Elements (FEA) and Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD), we also specialize in modeling and analyzing multiphysics-problems such as fluid-structure-interactions (FSI). 





CastNet: Our modeling- und meshing tool for CFD and FEA with direct model and meshing setup capabilities for OpenFOAM.

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Fluid-Structure-Interaction (FSI)


Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD)




Structural Analysis (FEA)


Heat Transfer



Our vision

One  partner at your side to optimize your products and processes using simulation techniques.


Your benefit

If simulations are carried  out during the development process, the time to market can be minimized by optimizing CAD-models without building  prototypes. Simulations help you to improve processes and the function of parts. In the case of a complex system simulations provide a better understanding of the process or part behavior.


Our service

We conduct the modeling and simulations, report results and suggest improvements. We are able to generate models using your CAD-data or we may build models from drawings or images. 


Website for customers in Germany: www.dhcae.de


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